Dr. Cheryl Farmer, Recorder


Dr. Cheryl Farmer

A member of NOW since 1978, Dr. Cheryl Farmer’s active participation began as a member of the Ann Arbor NOW Chapter in the March on Washington for ERA Ratification Extension.  She  is passionate about women’s issues, believing that the pioneering work  of feminists in the 60’s and 70’s paved the way for her to go to medical school at a time when bright young women were being told that their options were limited to secretarial, teaching or nursing careers. 

In 2014, Cheryl convened a group of feminists to resurrect our local NOW Chapter. She served as President of Washtenaw NOW in 2015 and 2016.

Dr. Farmer holds degrees in Education, Environmental Science, Industrial Hygiene and Medicine, and is a proud graduate of both U of M and MSU.  She recently retired after 30 years of practice in General Internal Medicine in Ann Arbor and Cincinnati.

Cheryl served as  Mayor of Ypsilanti from 1995-2006.  During her tenure the city enacted a new City Charter with ethics provisions, repaved all their local streets,  replaced all the city water mains under those streets, passed a Human Rights Ordinance adding equal rights protections for gays and lesbians, and successfully defended that Ordinance twice at the polls. 

Other interests of Cheryl’s include historic preservation, gardening, sailing and fast cars.  She  lives in Ypsilanti’s Historic District in a house built in 1855. 

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