Anna Vockel, Vice President

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Anna Vockel

Anna Vockel graduated from Finlandia University with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has been a Registered Nurse for 11 years, working in the field of Cardiology.

As a child, Anna questioned why some toys were considered “boy toys” while others were only for girls and why calling someone a “girl” on the playground was considered the ultimate insult. While observing her peers interact in a way that did not make sense to her and watching her mother struggle with sexist attitudes in a male dominated career, Anna became a feminist from a very young age. Now, as a mother to two young daughters Anna tries to uphold her feminist values and ideals and lead her children by example.

Anna loves to travel and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and parts of Africa. Due in part to her travels, Anna is also passionate about food equity and equity in education. She is an active member of the People’s Food Coop of Ann Arbor and is involved in food drives for Food Gatherers.

When Anna is not involved with causes or mothering her children and dogs, she is reading a good book or going for a meditative run.