Georgina Hickey, President

Georgina Hickey

Georgina Hickey

Georgina Hickey researches, teaches, and lives the history of women and feminism. She has spent the last 20 years engaged in social activism, particularly the unique form of activism that is college teaching, and is in the process of raising two outspoken, feminist children.

Georgina is currently Professor of History in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, where she has been for fourteen years. She is affiliate faculty in the Women and Gender Studies program, teaching courses on women’s history and activism. Georgina researches the social and cultural history of urban women. Her first book focused on working-class women in turn-of-the-century Atlanta. She is now at work on a book on American women and urban public space in the 20th century, with particular interest in the organized attempts of many women’s groups to make cities more accessible to women. She is especially interested in analyzing (and challenging) the ubiquitous markers of gender that structure public space, govern the interactions that take place there and have often been used to limit the access of women to the public sphere. This means she has spent much time over the last few years thinking about etiquette, streetcars, buses, sidewalks, and (her favorite) bars and public bathrooms.

Georgina is active in her local community. She is a founding member of Bike Ypsi, an excessively non-hierarchical advocacy and cycling group. She is a founding member and treasurer for the Cooperative Orchard of Ypsilanti (CORY). Georgina also participates in the local time bank, Hour Exchange Ypsi. She is a chronic volunteer — for Growing Hope, the effort to save and rebuild Ypsilanti’s community pool, Safe Routes to School program, Ypsilanti Community Schools, and the Humane Society of Huron Valley. She campaigns for local politicians who support gender equity, human rights, and public education. She also indulges her overlapping interests in community and public space by haunting city council, non-motorized transportation, road commission, and parks and recreation commission meetings in order to argue for inclusive, accessible, functional, and truly public space (with good public restrooms).

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