Washtenaw NOW News #2

Washtenaw NOW News

Edition Two, 2/13/2015

Dear Feminist Friends and Allies,

We had a great time at Bona Sera, the quality of the food and beverage being exceeded only by the quality of the conversation!

After a brief business meeting, we launched into a discussion of the problem of Eden foods.  Although they produce a good product, they have adopted the Hobby Lobby approach to denying reproductive health care to their female employees.  As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg said about this issue last week, when discussing the dissent she wrote for the Hobby Lobby decision, one person’s right to throw a punch ends at the tip of the next person’s nose!  The employer’s right to his or her religious beliefs should end where those beliefs begin to interfere with the religious beliefs of their employees. Continue reading

Washtenaw NOW News #1

Washtenaw NOW News

Edition One, 2/11/2015

Dear NOW members and Feminist Friends,

I have been working  with a dedicated leadership team since last fall to resurrect the once large, relevant and active Ann Arbor NOW  chapter  as Washtenaw NOW.  Goodness knows, the need for activism on feminist issues has not diminished!   Everywhere around us there is evidence of serious backsliding from our previous gains, such as the recent erosion of reproductive choice options by our State Legislature.

Your leadership team  has met three times.  We see NOW as a well established, recognized  brand.  It is an umbrella group, embracing / unifying all of the  issues that touch women’s lives.  We want to connect  local pioneers in the women’s movement with the next generation, and provide them  with support while also providing for succession within the movement.  In this way the re-energized chapter will be both relevant and sustainable . Continue reading